52nd Annual General Meeting of the P-D-R 2010

The Pharma Documentation Ring (P-D-R) held its 52nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Konstanz, Germany, from 29th September – 1st October 2010. The P-D-R is an association whose members represent the scientific information departments of the leading international R&D-based pharmaceutical corporations. There was one new corporate member (Gilead) welcomed however; three members have left through mergers and acquisitions. The 21 member companies continue to account for 60% of the total global turnover of ethical drugs (approximately $500 billion); by far the majority of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies are P-D-R members.

Thirty-nine delegates attended this year’s meeting, which was hosted by Nycomed Group. In addition, there were guest speakers from Ernst & Young and PatentSight GmbH.

Highlights of the meeting were the series of member case studies themed around the ‘Future of Service and Content Delivery’, we heard from:

Henning Nielsen (Novo Nordisk), President of the P-D-R, in his opening remarks stated that our challenges this year have been with further globalization, technology development, user driven workflows and a growing demand for our services. However, our biggest challenge has been in transforming perceptions within organizations of our business value – we need to be proactive. The presentations and discussions over the three days reflected that need.

  • Henning Nielsen on the growth of Social Software at Novo Nordisk including the challenges of being social at work
  • Hans-Ulrich Häussermann, Abbott, on mobile access being offered by public libraries
  • Andrew Clark on his recent success at UCB with mobile applications – Library in Your Pocket
  • Gabriele Kupprat on the NewsWatch service being provided at BASF
  • Carmen Ruh-Polenz, Bayer Healthcare on how News monitoring from traditional and Web 2.0 sources was approached
  • Hans-Ulrich Häussermann on RSS Portlets and InfoNgen at Abbott
  • Wolfgang Ludwig, Merck KgaA on experiences with Factiva News integrated with iGoogle widgets
  • Joanna Woodward on the newly implemented Pi2 module improving workflow at Pfizer, in support of literature requirements for regulatory submissions and PSUR’s

After the success from last year, we continued with the un-conference style Hot Topics session were ideas were taken from the members as the most relevant to them. Topics this year included, ‘Systems that combine Internal and External information’, ‘ User metrics’, ‘Governance Models’, ‘Outsourcing Models’ and ‘Next Generation Libraries’ .

Each of the P-D-R Topic Groups presented throughout the three days on the developments in their areas of interest. This year, they included a presentation from Heather Dicks, Ernst & Young on ‘Knowledge Management – Best Practices in Pharma and Other Industries’, from Philipp Bubenzer, PatentSight GmbH on ‘Patent Asset Index – How the first global patent benchmark works’ and from Anja Lang, Roche Diagnostics on ‘Sources of Biomarker Information’.
We also heard from the P-D-R Website team who plan to implement a new version of the Website on November 1 with further enhancements and more collaboration functionality in the new year.

Within the reviews of information developments in each of the member companies, the recurring theme was disruption through re-organisation and reduction in staff and budgets. There were also common themes around the increase in use of social software tools and planning innovative ways to provide literature directly into business processes.

The meeting closed with Henning Nielsen thanking the members for their active involvement and to Rikke Andreasen (Nycomed) for being our host. We welcomed Joanna Woodward (Pfizer Inc.) to the P-D-R Board replacing Lou Ann Di Nallo (Bristol Myers Squibb). The 53rd P-D-R meeting will be held in Heidelberg, Germany from September 27th to 30th, 2011 and hosted by BASF.