The P-D-R Community is a vibrant, forward looking group of information, data and knowledge managers from more than 25 of the leading R&D focused pharma companies in the world.


The P-D-R Members

How to become a P-D-R member?

  • P-D-R membership is a corporate membership for R&D based pharmaceutical companies with a global presence.
  • Any company wishing to become a member must submit its application to the P‐D‐R Executive Board.
  • This application must be sponsored by 2 member companies.
  • All existing members have to accept the application.
  • Each member company nominates an official representative who normally should have management responsibility in a larger information center.
  • There are no membership fees.
  • Members must commit to actively contribute to the P-D-R (“Give and take!”).
  • Members must also commit to hosting an AGM on a rotation basis.

Contact: Helen Malone (President), GSK